CJ Foundation for SIDS Endorses HALO® Bassinest® Swivel Sleeper for its Safe Sleep Aspects

CJ Foundation for SIDS

The CJ Foundation For SIDS, one of the leading organizations in the U.S. dedicated to eliminating SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and SUID (Sudden Unexplained Infant Death)  and the largest non-government funder of programs meeting the needs of the SIDS/SUID communities, has endorsed the HALO® Bassinest® Swivel Sleeper as one of the safest alternatives to bedsharing. The breakthrough design of the Bassinest makes it the only bassinet that moves to bring baby to you, even right next to you in bed.  With the HALO Bassinest, baby remains sleeping in his own safe sleep space, which makes caring for baby throughout the night easier for you and safer for baby.

According to a recent study, bedsharing remains the number one threat to a sleeping infant up to four months of age.  “Parents often confuse roomsharing with bedsharing.  They should keep baby close, but in his own safe sleep space,” states Susan Hollander, co-founder and president of CJ Foundation for SIDS.  “The Halo Bassinest allows parents to roomshare while feeling secure that baby is close at hand yet confident that they have provided baby with his own safe sleep space. We truly hope this will discourage co-sleeping and help to reduce the number of these needless infant deaths,” concludes Hollander.

Bassinest Swivel SleeperOther features of the Bassinest that facilitate night time care of baby include mesh side walls which provide maximum breathability for baby and allows mom to keep an eye on her sleeping baby at all times; a retractable wall that lowers with the touch of your arm and returns automatically to make lifting baby easier, and the 360 degree movement makes entering and exiting the bed more natural.

The HALO Bassinest is available in the Premiere series ($249.99) which features an electronics panel with nursing timer, nightlight, gentle vibration and white noises and lullabies, and the Essentia ($219.99) series which functions exactly the same but does not have the electronics panel.  For additional information, visit www.cjsids.org and  www.halobassinest.com.