Dr. Rachel Moon warns parents about the risk of bed sharing. Safest place for baby is in their own crib, next to your bed.


Dr. Rachel Moon is one of the nation’s leading experts on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome research recently spoke to a group of nurses at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Parents know the temptation to snuggle with their babies right next to them in their own bed, but doctors say it is not worth the risk.

Moon says while the number of babies dying from SIDS has dropped, there has been a rise in the number of suffocations mainly due to bed sharing.

And despite all we know, Moon said the number of babies dying during sleep hasn’t changed in 20 years. It’s just gone down in some areas and up in others.

“A lot of suffocations occur from bed sharing situations, so we encourage having the crib next to your bed so it’s easy to roll over to feed or soothe the baby. But as soon as you’re done, put the baby back in the crib,” she said.

It is recommended parents keep the baby’s crib next to mom and dad for at least six months but ideally for a year.

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